“My training quality got much better after working with Eirik. I train more and harder than ever, and have never performed as well as I do now”

Emil Weber Meek, UFC MMA FIGHTER

“Eirik’s training style makes me stronger, more muscular and functional, as well as preventing injuries. Most importantly it helps me to win competitions.”

Lonnie Boe Pedersen, Nordic Champion in Athletic Fitness and Body Fitness

“With Eirik’s strength course I’ve become a much better trainer and coach. My clients are very satisfied with the results.” 

Nina Furseth, Total Fitness Coach

“We started the session with regular pushups, which was painful from the first rep. After some adjustments from Eirik, I performed pushups and even bench pressing with max weights, with NO PAIN AT ALL! Eirik is brilliant with technical details!" 

Martin Ramberg, Personal Trainer and CrossFit-athlete

“I’m very glad I took Eirik's strength course. I feel I got a lot more from this than my personal trainer education.”

Synne Ripe, Strength Coach and Functional Fitness Champion